What is Advanced KP Stellar Astrology?

The whole world is running according to a well-defined plan. Nothing happens by chance. KP Stellar Astrology doesn’t permit one to classify anything as an accident, as it explains the cause and effect of events.

The divine plan is well arranged. It is timed with amazing precision. Recently derived KP Stellar Astrology is a pure science with systematic approach of Star lord, Sub lord & Sub Sub lord which can differentiate in arriving the predictions at very accurately for even children born in the time gap of 1 to 2 minutes.

The man behind KP System was Jothida Marthand Late. Professor K. S. Krishnamurthy of Tanjore, Tamilnadu during early 70’s. The above system is called is Krishnamurthy Pathathi (KP) System. In KP System a planet always gives the result based upon the star it is occupying. That is why it is called as KP Stellar Astrology.

This procedure of using Star lord, Sub lord & Sub Sub lord of planets & Cusps was then properly realigned and developed by Saara Jothida Chakkaravarthi Hon’ble A. Devaraj who is also the Founder of “All India Stellar Astrologers Association”. Subsequently the system is renamed as Advanced KP Stellar Astrology.

Advanced KP Stellar Astrology is an excellent method of astrological predictions conceived accurately about the time period of events which is difficult in Vedic/Traditional systems. The difference between Traditional astrological method and Advanced KP Stellar Astrology is the same like difference between Allopathy & Homeopathy.

The handling of Ruling planet method is the unique concept in Advanced KP Stellar Astrology which determines the native’s exact time of birth in order to arrive accurate predictions.

In the case of twin births, the horoscopes shows almost the same as per Vedic and Traditional astrological methods. But in Advanced KP Stellar Astrology the horoscopes of twins is differ in cusp which is very excellent in arriving the predictions of twins.

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